How the US Food Industry Affects our Chakras

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Our food industry is f-ed.


I have no other way than expressing that as bold as I just did. It’s the truth. It needs a lot of work to balance back out.


Little was I aware of the industry until I was able to take time to stay home and really study it. It’s not something taught in schools or spread on the news (not often) or shouted to us as we shop in the grocery store. Nope. You have to learn about it. And even after you know about it, what can you do? I always get asked, “Eh, what can you do about it? You’re just one person.”


AHHHH, I live for this saying!


Let’s me give you a cheat sheet on the United States industry and see what your thoughts are.


History of Food


From a history perspective, our ancestors used to hunter and gather food. There were no grocery stores to attend and everything was caught or picked.


As the years progressed, people started planting and gardening and farms were created.


Piggyly Wiggly was the first self-served grocery store in the United States. It opened its doors in 1916, less than 100 years ago, and let’s face it, this has brought a new face to the industry.


Not only do we have grocery stores at every corner but Target and Walmart have incorporated convenient food at their stores as well. You can grab food basically anywhere around you. There’s a fast food joint down the street, a grocery store down the other and a pizza place on the other side. Food is everywhere.



It doesn’t mean it’s good food.


I don’t mean it doesn’t taste good, I mean it’s not good for your mind, soul and body.


What’s wrong with United States food industry?


Our bodies are not made for chemicals. Man created chemicals. Just because you can eat something doesn’t mean it’s right with your body.


The truth is, you are being sabotaged by SAD or the Standard American Diet.


Industries do not have you or I in their best interest. They don’t care what health problems they are causing they care about the bling in their bank accounts. They probably aren’t even in the United States! Perhaps in Maui enjoying themselves with a martini in hand. eeek!


SAD is filled with…

Additives, chemicals, empty calories, sugar, fat, salt, artificial flavorings and colors.


These things make food addicting, wanting you to come back for more. Ever notice why you can’t just have a few chips or one piece of chocolate?


The industry does this on purpose. They want you to go back for that ice cream, cake, chips, chocolate. They want you to want more. Grab another glass of soda, eat another piece of bread…it’s money to them. But to normal folk, like you and me, this is our life. This is our body. I have always been curious to if the industry owners eat their own things and how they are doing…




Food manufactures are even fighting labeling GMO’s. Can you imagine what labeling GMO’s would do to the industry? A total scare for manufactures.


GMO’s are genetically modified organisms. Most processed and packaged foods contain harmful GMO’s. They are filled with pesticides and additives.


Why do manufactures use these things?


Because they can produce a package in no time. They do this to increase the amount of food manufactured quickly, to have food during a drought, to make sure we are always fed. They want to create an abundance but it’s affecting our health.


Click here for more information on GMO’s and to join the fight against them. Other things to be careful about are MSG and BPA.


Do you see the point? They are all chemicals. NOT GOOD FOR YOU.




My personal journey for better health started when I was in bed for three weeks, completely depressed, unable to move. I had the worst vertigo experience ever. It literally shifted everything in my head and I couldn’t walk, dry my hair, touch my head, nothing. Everything was pretty much black.


As I started to come back around, I was given saltine crackers to make me feel better. I stared at the cracker thinking, “What is this?” I mean seriously, what is this? It’s thin, it taste like paper, and there’s salt around it. How is this supposed to help me? How do you make one of these things? Did I miss the cracker tree it grew out of? 🙂


It was the first time I had a huge a-ha moment of food. It’s the first time I looked at food differently.



My friend has a hyper-active child. She took red dyes out of his diet and it made a world of a difference. Is that coincidental?




There has been news everywhere about going gluten free. Some people address this as the new fad. While it’s true that it helps people who have celiac disease, going gluten free may or may not be for everyone. Studies have shown that 18 million Americans have a gluten sensitivity. Studies have also shown that going gluten free has helped with ailments. Because our wheat industry has changed so much (it’s not the wheat your grandmom used to eat!) it’s causing the body to breakdown or malfunction in different ways. Some kids (and adults) who have been diagnosed with ADHD have relief from switching to a gluten free diet. If you think you have any sensitivity, try going gluten free for two weeks. If your symptoms improve, than keep going.





This is another questionable area for some. It’s not the cheese, it’s the cows. Some farmers give their cows hormones and steroids to help improve the production of dairy and meat. The common ones are: rBGH to promote milk production and estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone are added to promote growth and production.


The question is how do these things affect humans. Also consider the antibiotics that are given when cows are sick.


Some people do better when they go off of dairy, others do well on a vegan or vegetarian diet.


No matter what lifestyle you decide, the best option is to purchase certified organic.

Certified organic meat consists of animals are being fed a 100% organic feed and can not be given antibiotics or growth hormones. I’m just throwing this out there, but Europe has already banned growth hormones from their meat. (Why haven’t we?!)

For milk and dairy, purchase certified organic. Side note: rBGH is banned is Canada and Europe as well.

Now this all comes down to my line of work and why you can now see why I choose to do what I do.


The Chakra Diet:


When you learn what chakra is out of balance (the body has seven chakras), you can then feed it the energy it is craving for. REAL food for REAL energy. (Exactly what the doctor ordered, wink. wink.)


Your body is constantly talking to you, trying to communicate with its needs. For example. when you’re body is tired, you yawn and go to sleep, right? When you’re hungry, your stomach turns into a lion roaring for you to hear. When we shut down our chakras, the body communicates that it wants them back open and flowing. When your chakras are balanced, you will stop playing the diet games, you will have the self love you deserve, you will have the relationships and life you desire.


Chakras are fed by emotions, beliefs, actions and FOOD. This requires giving your body nutritious, energy filled foods. Foods that are colorful like the rainbow and our chakras. Coincidence? I don’t think so.


If the body is living on processed, packaged foods, than it’s omitting crappy energy to the body. Our body can’t live to its fullest potential on crap. Instead it needs good, rich, live food!


When you learn and put it in action how to make better food choices, your chakras will have more energy to flow and isn’t life more amazing when it’s lived downstream and flowing?


Eat the rainbow and enjoy life.



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