Root Chakra Activities for Children

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The base of the chakra system is called root or the energy source for survival, foundation, security, the things in life that stabilizes your being. When imbalanced, physical symptoms in the body can appear such as:


  • constipation
  • arthritis
  • low energy
  • poverty
  • sleep disorders
  • hyperactivity
  • feeling “ungrounded” fluttery, in the air, spacey


Children develop their root chakra between ages 1-7. The cycles change every seven years and depending upon the age of a person, they will experience different dominant chakras for the cycle they are in.


It is important to teach grounding techniques to children to give them the tools to help themselves feel grounded, safe and secure. This can be done at any age and on the parents part, may need some patience.


Here are some ideas to help children connect with their root chakra:


Teach them yoga! Mountain pose and tree pose are excellent ways to feel grounded. Bring attention to their feet and ask them what it feels like to have their feet on the ground.


Ask questions: What makes you feel safe? When do you feel happy?


Go outside with nature! Being outside is very grounding. Take them on a daytime or nighttime scavenger hunt! Check out this site for awesome nighttime scavenger list!




Plant a garden! If you don’t have the room to make a garden outside, you can always purchase ceramic pots and make a smaller garden. Label the pots with words such as love, family, security, etc. so you are growing or manifesting the things you want to instill!


Use breathing techniques. Here’s the “Square” technique that I use with my children.


  • Breathe in as you point your finger in the air to make a line of the square
  • Trace your finger to the next line and HOLD the breath 
  • Slow breathe out as you make the next line of the square, blow like you are blowing candles on a birthday cake
  • Breathe in as you point your finger in the air to make a line of the square

Drumming! Take off your shoes and run around drumming any beat you choose! I also recommend doing a google search for a drumming circle in your area

Practice mindful walking. Walk back and forth on a yoga mat (If older, with eyes shut) to experience what it’s like to be sturdy and strong on the ground. This helps teach the body-mind connection and helps them experience the present moment.

Meditate. Have the child sit comfortably on a yoga mat and practice being still. What do they hear?


Say daily grounding affirmations: “I am grounded” or “I belong”

All these techniques work great for adults too! Go ahead and start flowing your own root chakra!



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