Crystals for the Bedroom

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The bedroom is an intimate room for love…


love of the SELF and sharing love with others.


Its a place of intimacy and being nurtured and for these reasons, it corresponds to the relationships in our lives.


By placing crystals in a room, you are amplifying the energy that you want to create. Crystals are a great way to enhance positive energy and counteract negative energy.  You can use them to shift the energies in your home or a particular room creating balance.



I recently went to a gem show in Maryland and this beautiful piece of rose quartz was calling my name. I think its the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen – of course, I always think a stone is beautiful when I need it the most! I looked at it and walked on by, then came back and it was still sending its loving energy to me. I placed my hands around the stone and its gentle and subtle energy was flowing. I knew I had to have it.

Rose Quartz1


It is the perfect centerpiece to my bedroom crystals.


Rose Quartz


Gives gives off a loving energy as it says, “I am love and infinite peace.”


It can help attract love, peace, self-love, aids in forgiveness and soothes away harsh energy making it perfect for a bedroom stone!


The other bedroom crystal that I adore is Amethyst.


Amethyst connects you with sense of spirit love. It promotes restful sleep and peaceful dreaming.




My first stone that I felt the energies of was citrine. Oh, I love this girl! I named her Joy because she gave me a sense of joy and happiness every time I held her. (And believe me, at that time, I truly needed Joy!)


crystal grid

(Meet Joy, the center of it all!)


Citrine is the happy stone. I think of it as the 70s stone, always happy. It is a great stone to bring happiness to self and relationships.


Sugilite is perfect to enhance soul mate relationships.




Stones do not have to be big in size to feel their energies. Not at all! Tumbled stones are great options for bedroom crystals. By setting up a bedroom crystal grid, you can be surrounded by these loving stones all the time. Remember to cleanse them weekly to remove old energies!







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