Clearing Energy from Home – Crystalizing Your House

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We all enjoy a stress-free and harmonious home, do you agree?

So, what does your home mean to you? How do you want it to be? How do you want to live in it?

There a few things you can do to change the energy flow throughout your house. Even if you are not a feng shui expert, did you know you can still “crystalize” your home?


As I embark on my new journey, I have received requests to energetically clean people’s homes as well as local businesses.


In this process, I energetically remove any stagnant energy that may remain on the walls. Imagine every time someone says a word or there has been an argument the impressions of the words linger on the walls, still there… still there. If you were to take a black light to the walls, you could see every word that was said in the home…would that be good or make you go, “eeek!”

Ideally, after a disagreement arises, I recommend an energetic cleaning. You could use sage or if you don’t like to burn sage, how about using sound? Clapping, chanting, singing…go on with yourself!

Clearing out the energy will make the room feel lighter and better.

If there has been strangers in your home or new construction – do a clearing! You don’t want their energy lingering in your home.


So how powerful is clearing the home?

Try this exercise: After someone has sat in a chair for (20 minutes or so) go in and sit down in it. Notice what emotions arise, how does your body feel? You are in their energetic field that they left behind. Does it feel good? Does it make you cringe?

If you can feel the energetic imprint that person left behind, how do you think your home feels? How does the energy feel to you?

See my point? Clear out your home!!!



De-clutter: This is another biggy. When you have a lot of clutter around the home, it can make you feel overwhelmed and energetically down. Get rid of the stuff you don’t need. I mean it. You are not only removing physical items but you are cleaning out yourself. You are letting go – so let go!


After cleansing homes/businesses energetically, I go back through and notice the furniture and the flow of the set-up areas. Imagine the first flow of energy is through your front door – which way does it go from there? You wouldn’t want a mirror when you walk in the front door or it would reflect the energy back and out the door!

Close your eyes and imagine the flow of energy entering your home. Is it flowing? Does it bounce back? Where might it get stuck at? Move furniture so it goes with this flow.


Crystalize Your Home

Finally, the client and I discuss their goals for each area. I bring a notebook and sketch their space. I then write down suggestions for how to use crystals/where/why to improve the flow of that area.

What are the goals for your home?

Let’s look at a few ideas:


Amethyst is recommended for a space where the family gathers frequently: perhaps the living room or kitchen. The larger the better as it pulls out negative energy and emits positive energy back.

Selenite wands: Placed on windowsills for protection of your home.

Snowflake Obsidian: Balances yin and yang energy in the space, creating harmony – Place one stone
near the ground and one stone near the ceiling

Sodalite: Reveals the best career for you  – Place above the doorway of your bathroom.

Unakite: Helps you earn money in a field of work that is heart-centered and compassionate – Place on
your desk


Love + Blessings,






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