Color Therapy for Physical Pain

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I offer a lot of visualization techniques when I’m in sessions with clients and color therapy is really beneficial to use.


Color therapy has been used for years.


It is known as phototherapy and chromotherapy  to treat disorders such as SAD, jaundice and psoriasis.


Color therapy can also be found in jails to improve behavior and in hospitals. And we all know color is used as a major marketing tool…I hope.


But still, when I mentioned color therapy to a client, I mostly get odd head tilts. I get it because I didn’t understand it myself. My mom, who is a reiki master, would always ask me what color my pain was and it made me furious.




I don’t know Mom! Why do you ask me such silly questions?


But then one day I got it.




When you tune into yourself and into your pain – you get a different view. You may be, “seeing red” out of anger or grieving may look like a deep shade of green.


When you tune into the pain instead of trying to throw it off or not listen to it, you will hear a different story.


So how do you heal with color therapy?




First thing, come up with a list of emotions and colors that relate to each emotion.


What color shows you happy? Sad? Frustrated? Anger? Depressed? Anxious? Betrayed? Joyous?


And so on… Have fun and match the emotion to the color. here’s an example, but be sure to create your own list that feels right to you.



After you created your list, find some time by yourself. Sit quietly. Play meditation music if you’d like. Even light a candle. Relax. Go in deep into yourself.


Now scan the area of your pain. Sit with it and acknowledge the presence of it. Pain is a messenger. See what it needs to communicate.


Match a color to your pain. Visualize that color and hold space for your pain. Notice any messages that come up.


When you are ready, drain the color away and invite a new color to come in. A color that represents health and wellness for you. Maybe a vibrant green or a sunshine yellow would be appropriate. Whatever color you decide, close your eyes and invite the new healthy color into your space.


Thank your pain for its messages.


Now hold onto your new color. Wear it. Draw it. Find a painting with it everywhere. Incorporate the new wellness color all around you and know that you are inviting that color into your body, into your cells and every ounce of your being.


All my love,




Disclaimer: The opinions expressed on my blog are based on my own thoughts, knowledge, and experiences. Please keep in mind that I am not a doctor or other health professional so please consult the appropriate professional before making any changes to your diet, health, or other applicable areas. You should always do what is right for your own personal life and seek medical advice if needed.



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