Words are POWERFUL Energy

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For those who are looking to unleash their magical powers, I can tell you, there’s one form of energy that is extremely powerful that you may be overlooking. And this power is given to all of us.


We are co-creators, meaning everything in our life is created by us. If we take responsibility for the things we want, need and desire to create in our life (root chakra) we can live a more harmonious life. 


The way the Universe works, is that it “hears” what you put out. Meaning, there is  A LOT of energy and power in your words. We seem to overlook this very powerful gift given to us! The Universe hears every single thought in your head and every word you say aloud

You are in constant creation with the Universe.  


Become more aware of your thoughts during the day as they are messages to the Universe. This is one reason why being positive is so important! When you speak positive to yourself, the Universe projects that positivity back to you.


And if you want to take this one step further, be careful with not only what your thoughts are but with what you say aloud and even what you write. I’m sure you have heard the sayings, “words speak louder than action,”  “words are your bond,” or “words are powerful.” Its because words have lots of power behind them.


When you say something aloud, its more “concrete” if you will.  Its an extra layer of energy to the situation. A lot of times we overlook our power. But this is power!


And sometimes we don’t even acknowledge it. We speak without thinking of the HIGHER connection to Source, but it is…SUCH. A. GIFT! 


Monitor your thoughts throughout the day. Since you are in conversation with the Universe on a constant basics and because you are the co-creator to your life – THINK and SAY the things you want…the positive side to the situation….


Because when you UPGRADE your thoughts and your words, the Universe will see that. The Universe will give you back what you put out. 


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