Best Root Chakra Crystals for Boundaries

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Boundaries are funny – they help trigger you to say someone has crossed over your personal line or to help you accept that you won’t be pushed around. But we all need boundaries. We have fences in our yards to create our space, locks on our doors to let people know they can’t just walk in, and even auras as a protective field to our own energetic space.


The Universe has a great way of reflecting back to you whats going on inside of you. So if you feel that everyone walks all over you it may because you may lack boundaries for yourself. 


It has been said that the solar plexus is the chakra that governs boundaries, which I half agree. Your solar plexus houses your willpower, ego and of course it would make sense for “boundary issues” to fall here. However, as an energy healer and a crystal therapist, my hands and stones would tell me otherwise. 


When I’m in a session, I feel the energy in each chakra. Around that, there is a field or border if you will. Should the chakra lack border, then they lack boundaries in that area.


For example, a chakra that lacks the “boundary” field feels as if it falls apart in my hands. There’s no restriction pushing back, just a blob. Think of throwing a ball of slime on the floor and it splatting everywhere. The chakra goes out in all sides. However, a chakra that has a solid border and is well defined, is a person who honors their boundaries in that specific area.


The root chakra is all about primal needs being met. Areas such as family, finances, safety, security and building a strong foundation. This is the where we start creating boundaries. And although boundary “issues” may show up in any of the lower three chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus), I always recommend creating a strong foundation first. Please note* when the lower chakras are not balanced, it alters the upper chakras as well. 

To do this, we look into the childhood that you experienced. Perhaps a person may have experienced lack of boundaries in their childhood and were able to do anything they wanted or learned to step over other people’s boundaries to achieve what they wanted. 


We all come into this world as perfect human beings. Its through our experiences that we put on the rosy colored glasses and create filters for ourselves.


To learn where the core of your boundary “issues” come from, look at your childhood (root chakra) and ask yourself these questions:


  • What was my childhood like? Did I run the streets and was free to roam where I wanted?


  • Did my parents set appropriate boundaries for me as I grew up?


  • Was I a child with lots of freedom or was life rigid?


  • Did I please everyone and do as I was told?


  • Do I respect others boundaries or push them around so I can achieve my results?


Because the Universe reflects back to you what you put out, notice how people treat you.


Become AWARE of how you WANT to be treated. What is the Universe showing you? The Universe is reflected back an opportunity of GROWTH, take advantage and be done with this lesson! And while you are creating and defining your boundaries, you can also use the vibration of crystals to help you through. 


Please note: Sometimes it may be more beneficial to leave a situation then continuing to work on a situation. Use your judgement, counselors, doctors to where you currently are in life.




Red Jasper: Gives you the strength and courage to move forward. If you quiet your inner voice down (that will also reflect in your throat chakra), then carry with you a red japer stone. Alternatively, I like to use it on both knees while laying down. 


Tiger Iron consist of tiger’s eye, red jasper and hematite. Hematite is very protective and will protect you from negative and lower vibrations while you are moving with strength of the red jasper. In addition, tiger’s eye is amazing stone to give you courage and stand up for yourself. 


Garnet: This is a great stone to assist you in making changes. It has a strong vibration to help you find your passion, honor yourself and make changes. Be careful as this may be too strong if you are. 


With any of these stones, you can carry them in your pocket or use them as a layout. Simply place at the base of your spine or on your knees for 15-30 minutes. Set the intention to work with them to help assist you in creating appropriate boundaries in your life. 


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