Connecting with your Higher Self

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When I was little, the first “person” I connected in with was my Higher Self. Through journaling, I was able to uncover exactly what I wanted and where I wanted to go. I had no idea how powerful communicating with your Higher Self was until I became an adult!


So what IS your Higher Self?


Your Higher Self is you! It’s your soul consciousness, its the part of you that know exactly what you want, why you are here and what you desire! There’s no male/female energy as it is the consciousness. 


Any question you have at all, you can ask your Higher Self for an answer and you have it spot on. 



How do you connect with your Higher Self?


There are a few ways, first you can use visualization. Go into your meditation room or space and ask for your Higher Self to show up. Pick a place in your mind that you are comfortable at. This could be the same place where you met your Spirit Guide or Spirit Team. Perhaps a garden, waterfall or forest. Place the setting in your mind and ask for your Higher Self to show up. Then wait. Look for any impression you may receive: feelings, colors, images, sounds…these are all signs from your Higher Self.


Another way is to journal. Through journaling I have discovered the best parts of me and then some! This is where or how I met my Higher Self. Set a timer for five minutes and ask your Higher Self a question, then write. Don’t judge your writing just keep going. You can reflect after you’re finished.


How do I know I am speaking with my Higher Self?


Your Higher Self will never steer you wrong, ever! He/she always know what you need for your soul to evolve and grow. Sometimes the Higher Self comes through as a voice inside your head. Other times, it can be through words written down. You will get into the flow of understanding what this energy feels and sounds like, you just need to practice.


How do I make connection to my Higher Self?


You simply need to set the intention TO be connected with your Higher Self. I always say that I’m not here to please anyone but evolve myself and its true. I love the people who surround me. They mean so much to me: friends and family…but at the end of the day, I’m returning to God/Source. I’m going to go over my “file” and see if I accomplished what I came here to do. Connecting in with my Higher Self helps lead the way. There’s no ‘misdirection’ but straight up leading! 


I am recalling the day I fell over on the ground. I was walking one minute and the next blackness shifted the room quickly. My screen in my mind went from seeing things in front of me and then going black from right to left. I fell over and screamed call 911. My energy was then gone and depleted. My kids screaming for me and I couldn’t respond.


Ironically, I was in such peace in this darkness. I heard my guides as if they were standing right next to me. I asked them a few questions and they told I was going to be fine. But what I realized out of this situation was that my family are “players” in my life. They are helping me by bringing forth different personalities and opportunities to grow. I realized how I am truly a Soul here on Earth and the people around me are helping  on my journey on many different levels. My Higher Self acknowledged this for me. 


At first, I was devastated. I couldn’t understand how I am so ‘into’ my relationship with my family and it was as if they turned around and started clapping for me. “You did a good job, Amber.” This was when I realized that its me and God. My connection is with God/Source and my Higher Self can help me connect and evolve. Its a different perspective than I have ever been given and a blessing at the same time. 


How can you connect in with your Higher Self?


Do a simple check-in! When I’m feeling stuck or stagnant, I sit down quietly and meditate for a few minutes (3-5) and then start writing my question out. Sometimes I just acknowledge how I’m feeling and dive deep into my emotions. 


Remember to MEDITATE…


The more you meditate, the more you clear out space so you CAN receive messages clearly. Your Higher Self won’t have to filter through the mental junk but have a clear shot to deliver what it needs to say. 


When we connect in with our Higher Self we are also clearing out any stagnant energy in our chakras. If we are stuck on moving forward in our finances and don’t know why the same pattern of debt repeats, you may need to check in with your Higher Self and see what steps you can do to clear it out. Getting on the path will free your chakras from a lot of uncertain roads that you may walk down. 


In love and light,



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