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We are all energy and therefore we can read each others energy very easily. We can take it on as if it was our own. 


Have you ever had a friend come to you to “dump” out their stuff  and leave only for you to feel like you took on the stress of their experiences? Or perhaps you are an energy healer and you feel so bad for your client, you take on some of their pain? 



If you ever feel like you can’t handle those blood sucking energy vampires (hehe) try this solution….


Fill up your energy leak by replenishing your heart chakra energy.


Of course, another big component of this is creating boundaries and establishing our own needs. So pay attention when you need to establish this!


You see, when we come from a place in your mind connected with Universal Love, there is no lack. There’s no worry, no fear, only love. The highest vibrational energy that you can give out is love and this includes to others as well as yourself. 


When an energy vampire (who probably does it unintentionally) seeks you, replenish yourself! You can’t control others actions, but you can most definitely take ownership of your own.  


**Make sure to read through prior to doing it!**



Heart Chakra Replenish Meditation


Begin by taking in a breath through your nose for the count of four. Hold for the count of four then release through your mouth for the count of six. Continue this for two minutes.


Next imagine that you are breathing in plus signs or positive signs through your nose. Hold and release negative signs through your mouth. You are in control of your own energy. You are now giving yourself permission to release negative or stagnant energy through your body. Breathe for another two minutes like this.


Now open your crown chakra (the one above your heard) and imagine White Light entering through your body and down into your heart chakra. With every exhale, imagine your heart chakra releasing and pushing out any negativity. Expand your heart chakra to where you feel comfortable.


Next, visualize a person or an experience where you felt happy and loved. Sit with this for a while basking in this feeling. This will help raise you vibration.


Then visualize people who love you. Perhaps family members or friends. Repeat the phrase, “I receive love from those in my life.” This will help recharge your heart energy. 


Finally, visualize the person or situation that is difficult and say, “I give love to those in my life.” You may want to continue the pattern of, “I receive love from those in my life. I give love to those in my life.” 


Continue until you feel grounded and connected within your heart chakra.




It may also be helpful  to take a few minutes to journal about your experience or how you feel after this meditation. When we connect our emotions and thoughts on paper, we are also releasing the energy within us on a deeper level. 


So next time you feel drained from a person, remember to replenish your heart energy chakra! 


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One thought on “Replenish Yourself from Energy Vampires

  • Donna Frasca

    I have this one acquaintance that keeps wanting to get together with me because she needs a “Donna fix.” She says it feels so good to be around me. She’s an energy sucker and I cancel every time! It’s all about boundaries and knowing when to say yes and when to say no. Good post Amber!