Chakra Oracle Cards

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 PLEASE advise, it may take up to 4 weeks for delivery.**




The Chakra Crystal Oracle Cards is an oracle deck of 54  cards featuring crystal grids and descriptions for components of each chakra. These cards can be used to read for yourself or for others. In addition, you can use the crystal grids for manifestation or even to assist your clients. 



A CHAKRA CERTIFICATION class will be announced towards the end of the year to work with these cards. This class will teach you how to read these cards for yourself or someone else. Its a very personal journey for self-growth. If you pre-order cards now, you will receive a BIG discount towards the certification class. More to come.



  • 54 Oracle Cards
  • A box to keep them in
  • A downloadable E-book Description book 



Thank you for your support! With love and light,