Mother Earth aka Mother Gaia has been on my mind a lot lately. She has amazing healing powers that range from providing us with Earth energy to draw upon and even to our essentials: food, water and air. Without a healthy Mother Gaia, where would we be?   It is so important to realize and […]

Earth Healing

There is something really beautiful and magical when creating your own vibrational energy concoctions.    When I first stepped into the crystal world, I wasn’t sure my impression of vibrational healing. After five years of working with crystals, I have dived so deeply into using the Earth’s gifts and connecting in with Spirit, that it […]

Best Ways to Use Crystal Elixirs

There are hundreds of chakras all throughout the body. They nurture us with Universal life chi, prana or energy. Without the flow of energy in your chakras, you may have stagnant or blocked chi. When this happens, dis-ease and disconnection within the body, mind and spirit occur.   There are seven primary chakras that run […]

Two Key Ingredients to Clearing Your Chakras

Crystal grids are an excellent way of amplifying energy and intention to manifest the things we want in life.    They work because they they are intentional arrangements of stones designed to raise the energy for a specific purpose. In this case, we are raising the bar on abundance!   What you’ll need:     Flower […]

Simple Abundance Crystal Grid

I can easily tell you that your loved ones are around you, but some people may not feel it, or be able to experience it. Sometimes in our unresolved grief we are stuck in this emotion that we don’t see what is around us.    Instead of telling you what I mean, I’m going to […]

SIGNS from your Loved Ones

When we make contact with the Spiritual realm, you may be wondering who we are specifically speaking with. I mean, what is the difference between all these beings of energy on the other side?   When I was little, I used to think that heaven was up the stairs as Hollywood betrayed. Speaking to our spirit […]

Sprit Guides, Angels and Deceased Loved Ones