This meditation is a game-changer!   This exercise below connects you in with your Higher Self. By doing this, you receive the information that you truly need in helping you create a PURPOSEFUL life. You won’t be stuck on the edges and wondering what your next step should be because you are ALIGNED with your […]

What do I truly desire?

When I was little, the first “person” I connected in with was my Higher Self. Through journaling, I was able to uncover exactly what I wanted and where I wanted to go. I had no idea how powerful communicating with your Higher Self was until I became an adult!   So what IS your Higher […]

Connecting with your Higher Self

Many of my clients come to me knowing that they are experiencing a misalignment in their chakras. For example, they already know that their root chakra may not have flow because their primary needs may not be met. Perhaps they are in financial debt or having a hard time paying bills, but the thing is, […]

Align Your Chakras with Spirit

Healers are amazing people as they set the intention to create space for their client to heal or evolve in some way but sometimes when we set the intention for others, we can forget about our own self healing.   I remember when I first started out offering healing sessions professionally. I would take on […]

How to Heal the Healer: 3 Key Points You Must ...

Mother Earth aka Mother Gaia has been on my mind a lot lately. She has amazing healing powers that range from providing us with Earth energy to draw upon and even to our essentials: food, water and air. Without a healthy Mother Gaia, where would we be?   It is so important to realize and […]

Earth Healing

There is something really beautiful and magical when creating your own vibrational energy concoctions.    When I first stepped into the crystal world, I wasn’t sure my impression of vibrational healing. After five years of working with crystals, I have dived so deeply into using the Earth’s gifts and connecting in with Spirit, that it […]

Best Ways to Use Crystal Elixirs