Journal Exercise: Establishing Beliefs in Root Chakra

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The root chakra is the 1st first chakra and represents the base or roots of your tree. Think about being grounded, food, water, shelter and money.

The early years of your life establishes beliefs about who you are. They are called the informative years for a reason!

This exercise I’m about to share with you, will help you uncover those beliefs and where they came from. Free your mind. The beliefs you will uncover in your writing has helped create who you are today, but today you are able to look back on it from a different perspective. You are no longer a child but an adult. This means you can let go of a belief and release it if you choose. You can make room for a new belief and things you want to create in your life today. Are you ready to embark on your personal journey?


Turn off all electronics, grab your journal and writing instrument and set aside some time to yourself.


Close your eyes, and focus on your breath. Breathe deeply in and out for five counts. Feel your belly rising with each breath. Push out all thoughts. This is the time to meditate not think about things we have to do. If a thought comes, push it aside because you will handle it later.

Focus on heart chakra. Picture a green glowing ball at your heart. Breathe in and out for five. Next, move the green energy ball up to your forehead. It’s glowing purple. Look at it glow so brightly. Breathe in and out for five counts.

Grab your pen and journal and jot down everywhere you ever lived. Go back as long as you can remember. Include the address, people and anything that comes up during those times. Good situations or perceived bad. Allow yourself to write and feel the feelings that arise. What are you experiencing at this time? What barriers come up? What makes your heart flutter?

When you are finished, you can read it over again or put it  away for another day and address it when you feel ready. You can do something or nothing, it’s entirely up to you.

The intention of this exercise is to awaken where your rooted beliefs have come from. When ready, read each situation again. You may realize something new from your adult perspective. You may discover where a belief has come from. You may even shift your perspective to something positive, letting go that belief!

You want the root chakra to be sturdy and grounded. When you let go of experiences, you are creating a stronger foundation and room for new beliefs! Envision the life you want to have because you can, when you truly believe it and your beliefs are inline.


Love and Light,



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