Trio Cyrstals for Colds/Allergies

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A few days ago, I mentioned my favorite crystal for sinuses and how to use it. Today, I wanted to add two more to the bunch.


This trio is amazingly strong on different levels.


It’s like pumping your body with a whole bunch of vitamin C then adding sleeping and relaxation to boost your immune system.


And yes, we could all use that boost when we have manifested a cold or sinus/allergy problem!


Why crystals?


Crystals are a healing modality that give off natural vibrations which can amplify and connect to the areas that you need most, physically and spiritually.


And heck, why not?


In my opinion, crystals are one of the best natural medicines that Earth has provided us. Of course, diet is important too. 😉 There are so many blessings if only we open ourselves up to the idea.

Crystals are used along with medical treatment that is provided by a physician, just as reiki is. They are not used as medical replacement. And here is the disclaimer…

Disclaimer: This site does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. In the event you use any of the information in this site for yourself, the publisher accepts no responsibility for your actions.


This trio used for colds and allergies is by far my favorite. It includes, bloodstone, quartz crystal and fluorite.




Quarz - Heliotrop (Blutjaspis).JPG

This mineral strengthens the immune system keeping colds, fever, sinuses and cough at bay and also accelerates the healing process.


Quartz Crystal:

Quartz, Tibet.jpg

Is also used to speed up a cold or fever and attracts life energy to the body. This is a must have in the crystal medical kit! (Still currently putting together post!)





I love using fluroite (especially purple) for allergies and colds. It provides powerful healing for infections, colds, respiratory viruses, bones and in general a pain reliever.


How to use them?


  • Place in a pouch and carry them in your pocket (I say in a pouch because I have lost many hanging loosely in my pockets!)
  • Meditate holding them
  • Place them on your body in ‘problematic’ areas
  • Give yourself a crystal facial 

 Want your own Sinus/Cold healing crystals?













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