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There is nothing more luxurious (in my opinion!) then a sparkly crystal bath.






There are crystals that work with all energies, if you want a lift or need to relax….there is a crystal bath for that.



To add some crystal glitter to the bath – you can use, epsom salt and lavender. It’s delightful!


Directions: Hold your crystal of choice in your hand and program it to meet your needs. (See suggestions below). Place the chosen crystals in the water and take a delightful 20 minute bath. (Okay, mine are an hour! But twenty minute minimum!) When you are finished, remember to thank the crystal for its awesome vibes!


Crystal Bath Recommendations


Citrine: Sunshine Bath – this gives a great energy lift! I wouldn’t use this stone before bed. 🙂


Smoky Quartz: withdraws negativity from within the body


Rose Quartz: Relieves stress for the day


Aventurine: All around soothing and healing


Amethyst: Soothing, relaxation at the end of the day (perfect before bed with lavender) or to enhance spiritual connection


Carnelian: Gets creative juices flowing and an energy boost … I would use this in the morning!


Clear Quartz: Program for anything you want! It’s universal!
Basically, the quartz family gets another round of applause for being an amazing family of crystals. (And some of my favorites!)


If you have small size stones, place them in a pouch prior to placing them in the bath so you can find them easily!



My Favorite Combos…


Aura Cleanse

Place all crystals in the bath for an aura cleanse. Psychic debris, negative thought patterns, etc. all land in your aura. This is great way to clear it out and strengthen your aura.  I highly recommend to clear out your aura once a week and it’s a great excuse to treat yourself to a fabulous bath!

Needed: All colors.  Program all stones to cleanse your aura. Hold them under the running water, with your intention. Then place them around your body in the tub. Enjoy the vibes!


Healing Bath

3 green aventurine (physical healing)

3 rose quartz (emotional healing + self love)

1 smoky quartz (eliminate negativity from the body)


With the intention of giving yourself a healing bath, place all stones under running water. Then place the stones on your legs in an altering pattern. Finally, either hold the smoky quartz in your hand or place in between your legs at the end of the bath. Let the crystals work with your energy body for 10-15 minutes.


*You can also place the rose quartz on your heart to give yourself a boost of self love*


Love + Light,











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