Psychic Attack and What To DO

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There are two types of attack: spiritual and psychic. 


I categorize spiritual attack, an attack from the spirit world, which let me say, is no joke and very real.


And there’s also psychic attack, or the ill wishing and negative vibes that someone blasts away at you. 


Signs of attack:


  • Drained for no reason, fatigued
  • Not yourself – something is just ‘not you’
  • You can’t shake off a negative feeling but not sure where it came from
  • Feeling angry
  • Random coughing or choking 


If something is “all of a sudden” … then its probably not you.


First you have to tell the difference in energies. Let me take you on a story…


I was at our local convenient store when “all of a sudden” I was coughing as if someone took their hands and was choking me. Ten minutes went by and I still couldn’t breathe. Tears were streaming down my face, I couldn’t take a second to catch a breathe…I thought I was going to pass out from coughing! People were staring – asking if they should call 911…they had no clue what to do.


But inside, I felt like someone was grabbing my throat and literally choking me. I was being attacked. 


During this period of my life, I was giving energy sessions with little to no protection. NOT recommended! 




To prevent such attacks, I highly suggest working on strengthening your aura. Your aura is your shield – shield of protection. 


To do this, eat a high vibrational diet – include lots of food from the Earth. I’m not talking box food with artificial flavors either)…I mean real food is key.


Think positive thoughts – I’ve never heard anything negative about being positive. (Oh, silly me!) Stay positive and look for the sunshine – it’s there. Be where it is!


Carry and wear crystals. Rule of thumb – dark crystals absorb energy – go with one and cleanse it regularly! Laborite is also a top notch stone to place in your crystal kit.


Sage it with me, you can’t have enough SAGE. If there is stock in sage, point me in the direction because honestly – I go through bundles. Sage is a for sure quick way to knock off any low vibrational energies. 


Call on Archangel Michael. He is the protector and he is fierce! All you have to do is ask and so it is.


Salt it up. Epson salt baths, add in some crystals and essential oils and you have an energy detox. Enjoy the twenty minutes in the warmth of the bath as the negativity just fades away. 


Have you experienced a psychic attack? They can come from people speaking negatively to you or about you, thoughts of envy from another, someone straight out yelling at you…and more. What’s your experience? 



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