How to Fix an Imbalanced Chakra

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After I do a personal reading on someones energy, I usually hear back from a few clients the same question, “How do I make my chakra balanced?”


What is the next step. I’m ready for change.


The truth is, I love hearing those words. Transformation takes courage but with every step there’s a new you at the finish line. If you want to get out of the same old funk – taking that courageous step is important.


First thing I would do is dive into some crystal energy healing.


The energetic field of the body is really misunderstood and really important. We try to make our body stronger physically, we add affirmations to help us out mentally, but we should also look at the energetic body!


All thoughts and words come out and fill your aura. Let’s say you have a negative thought or say something “joking around” but you really mean it, energetically it comes out and gets stuck in your aura. This changes your auras color.


Usually when I’m looking at a person speaking, I see the colors change very fast and they do for good reason. They change in seconds upon your thoughts and how you are feeling. If you have the same chronic thought, the aura gets clouded with muddiness from the negativity. When I see it, it looks like a muddy green. Yuck!


Same thing goes with your chakras. The energy gets stuck into your chakras and after a while, it creates an energy blockage or imbalance in the areas of your field and can ultimately manifest physically into the body.


Your body is a messenger – your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional bodies are a system that work together.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to cleanse your chakras and aura! <— TAKE NOTE!


Crystals use their powerful EMFs (electromagnetic field) to cleanse and align the body’s field.  These babies are truly gifts!


I highly recommend working with crystals during a meditation, laying on the body or carrying them with you.


Secondly, you can clear out your chakras by removing and healing the junk that is them!


Let’s say your root chakra is imbalanced because you hate your job. Every day is a push to get you there. You walk in and the rain cloud is above your head. Should it be a surprise your root chakra is imbalanced then? Probably not.


Clear yourself energetically with crystals – take care of the energetic field…but also do some work. You can make a list of things you do love to do. You can get your resume out to other places. You can change your perspective on what’s going on. You can make changes within you! And when you do – magically, your root chakra shifts are well.


In my e-book, Understanding the Chakras, I give you an  in depth knowledge of how to know if your chakras are imbalanced, blocked or balanced.  I also share with you the best crystals to unblock those energetic fields and keep the flow moving. Also, specific layouts to help you on your way.


Start focusing on one specific chakra for a week and see the magic unfold before you. <3 It’s time to raise your vibration!


Love + Light,









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