Emotional Outburts and the Sacral Chakra

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In our Chakra Transformation Facebook Group we are discussing the sacral chakra, the chakra that houses are emotions.


And sometimes they are not sweet emotions. (Even if Aerosmith is singing his song. wink. wink)




If you’ve ever felt over-emotional, you may be experiencing an over-active sacral chakra.

There can be many causes to why – but usually it’s because the SOLAR PLEXUS is stagnant or has an imbalance of energy flow or the ROOT CHAKRA (one below) is imbalanced. If there is a blockage in either of these chakras, the energy heads towards the other direction – either up or down!


The solar plexus is the chakra just above the sacral chakra….the one that gives you self-confidence, direction and will power to fulfill your purpose.


The root chakra is the chakra below it and gives you stability in your physical world.


What it comes down to is knowing your value…knowing you are LOVE and ultimately…




The archetypes for the sacral chakra are the goddess and the martyr.


The Goddess is beautiful and honors herself. She finds beauty all around her – she is carefree, fun, laughs and finds pleasure in all aspects of her life.


The shadow is the martyr who feels she doesn’t deserve happiness. She is bored with life and has difficulties partaking in pleasurable activities. She is also controlling because she has to control her life – not go with the flow – which would balance the chakra…


When the solar plexus is strengthened with goals, direction and purpose, it allow the energy from the sacral chakra to move up and flow freely.


To help move this energy, you can do the following:



  • Make a list of activities that brings you pleasure.
  • Write goals and steps to achieve these goals
  • Ground your emotions through a visualization
  • Write out your emotions then rip up the paper. Re-write a new story of how you want it to go
  • Say positive affirmations to lift you up, especially if working on your self esteem
  • Carry citrine crystal – program it with an affirmation
  • Start making you a priority
  • Create a collage of all the things that bring you pleasure
  • Go on a date night


So when you are over-emotional or have a over-active sacral chakra – look towards the root and/or the solar plexus chakras to help balance you out.


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