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I remember the first crystal that ever meant anything to me. I was 11, possibly 12 and my stepmom gave me an amethyst geode. I remember looking at it and knowing it was special but didn’t understand why. 





When I was 23 and going through some real hard times, I walked into a metaphysical shop and fell in love with  a beautiful citrine cluster, who I named “Joy” and so my connection began again. Fast forward a decade later, I teach crystal classes and with good reasons – they really work! But don’t take my word, experience it for yourself. 


I see people roll their eyes when I say this but once you connect with a crystal, the energy is indescribable. Most of my clients are unfamiliar with crystals and how they work but they can’t deny when they feel the tinkling of one through their body – or the heat activating in an area …. or clearly feel a message. 


So how do you connect with a crystal? How do you receive its benefits?


You found a crystal that you are attracted to, or think there’s something awesome about it so you purchased it. Now that you have it home – you stare at it and question what “mystery” this baby has in store for you. But how do you tell? Let me first just say that every crystal has as a message. Every. Single. One. Let’s discover how to connect. 




Tip #1: Explore One Crystal at A Time. Of course my favorite thing to do are crystal combinations – it reminds me of making spaghetti sauce. You add in different ingredients to taste test different flavors. But when it comes to a new crystal, you want to work with just one for at least a week. This way you know, without a doubt, the energy of the crystal.


Tip #2: Look at the color. Color identifies the it’s related chakra. For example, you wouldn’t pick a clear crystal to ground you…you would probably go for a black or dark colored. So look at the color and see what chakra is correlates to. It will give you a good starting hint to your crystals abilities.


Tip#3: Meditate. Oh how people want to skip over this step (if you are one of my clients, I’m probably stressing this to YOU! lol) Hold it in your receiving hand for 10-15 minutes and just receive the flow of information. Try not to judge, but observe the thoughts, scenes, emotions that come up in this time. When you are finished, WRITE IT DOWN. You may get nothing or you may receive a word or an image. Perfect, it’s your starting point!


Tip #4: Sleep with it. Look my crystals are big. I like them big and somehow I still manage to sleep. Sometimes I place them behind my pillow, other times I hold it in my hand.


Now to every rules there’s an exception … so don’t sleep with it if it doesn’t intuitively feel right. What does that mean? I had an experience where I decided I didn’t want to dream anymore, I wanted to sleep. So I slept with a grounding crystal. I intuitively knew that my Higher Self would not be happy but I didn’t care, I wanted a really good nights’ sleep, so I did it anyways. FREE WILL BABY. Well…that slapped me in the face. I somehow lifted up in the middle of the night and thew it across the room hitting my wall. Apparently,  I didn’t want to be grounded. Higher Self won. So… if you’re stone is fragile, you don’t want to sleep with it. If your stone is high vibrational and you’re not getting any sleep, hey…don’t sleep with it. It all depends on you and what frequency you are giving out and what you can and are willing to receive. 


Tip #5: Carry it with you everywhere. What are you looking for? Things that change in your day. I’m not speaking of overnight miracles but subtle vibrations. Like carrying jet in your pocket and noticing that you physically are not absorbing any negativity but your stone is taking it for you… or carrying tigers eye and you find yourself feeling more confident… this would be the work of your energy stone! Where do you place it? In your pocket, in a necklace, in your bra. Yes, your bra.


Tip #6: Name it. When you get to know your stone, of course you want to call it something. Am I right? I name each one according to the characteristics that are presented in me so I remember what it does. “Joy” would always be my happy stone – that’s where I go for a lift… And of course it doesn’t have to be brain work. My favorite selenite rock is named Sellie. Go ahead…wrap your head at the difficulty of that name! 


Tip #7: Talk to your stone. After you cleanse and clear your stone, thank it for showing you something new for the highest good in your life. They truly do work in alignment with gratitude. When I use a stone for something specific, (example, a cold) I want to thank it for taking in any negative energy to help correct and balance the energies in my (or the clients) highest good. I make my request for healing and then thank my friend when it’s done. 


Tip #8: Use it in psychic work. Lots of crystals help out with your psychic abilities so please include them during readings, sessions and sending love an light. They want to participate! Hold them in your hand, place them on your tarot cards…hint…maybe that is their purpose.


Tip #9: Test it out. Some crystals are perfect for healing work, others like to be in grids and some prefer to be room energy radiators. Test out what works for you and the crystal. Should it be used in a healing body layout? Should it be used for meditation? Does it want to help in grid work? How about setting it in your environment and see if there are changes.


The more you work with your crystal the more you will understand it. It’s like meeting a new person, you see them on the outside first but after some long conversation you get to really know them. 


Love + Light.

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