Chakra Meditation – What’s the point?

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You may have heard that’s it’s important to clear your chakras ….


And if you were anything like how I was a few years ago, you may be thinking, “I don’t have time to add one more thing to my list! This has to be a bunch of BS.” 


I’m here to tell you it’s no BS. There’s SO MUCH truth to clearing your chakras. Even if you can’t see it…


Well, let me stick out my tongue and sound like a whiny child when I say…” you can’t see air, but you know it’s there!” I swear it’s true. 




Once you FEEL for yourself how incredibly wonderful and lighter you become, you’ll want to keep it up – guarantee. Go ahead and try it out for 21 days – make it a habit – I dare you.  It’s super easy to do so – an easy way to do so it by playing a guided chakra meditation.


What do guided chakra meditations do? It clears out the daily gunk in your energy fields. 


Every day we are bombarded by energy. Moving energy and to all degrees. Maybe you saw a mom yelling at a small boy and felt sorry for him, you were so empathetic to the boys’ situation you took on his sadness. And lucky you!  You held it tight and stored it in your solar plexus! All of a sudden your energy goes down and you don’t feel like yourself…every happy to you? This isn’t you. This isn’t your energy. It was a response to a situation you encountered (which may have offset a previous underlying emotion…another story) and therefore you should release the baggage that isn’t yours. Do you really want to hold onto a strangers feelings? No, you got your own stuffings to work with! PS We call these kinds of phenomenon being an EMPATH


You may pop in the cd (oh did I go old school?) … okay, you may hit play on the youtube challenge to find a meditation and feel nothing at all. It’s perfectly FINE – actually I fall asleep and wake up when John Holland counts me back to one. I can honestly say the guided mediation I listen to – I haven’t heard all the way through and I’ve had it for months!


It’s kind of like reiki – I have clients who don’t believe but want to try it out, come in for a session and are amazed that they actually felt energy! If you have an open mind and give it a try, you will see/feel a difference.


So how do you know it’s working?


  • Your sleep may improve big time. You wake up feeling all refreshed 
  • You start to notice that things in your day don’t stick with you. That your boss actually looks cute when he’s all fired up. I mean, look how he wrinkles up his nose…
  • People may comment that there’s something “different” about you
  • You feel it in your inner being. You know when you start to exercise and you’re like damn I look good! And in reality you went to the gym once? That’s how chakra clearing it – you feel damn good. 


How often should you clear your chakras?  At least daily. 


ATTN HEALERS: (Massage therapist, mediums, energy healers, card readers, etc. etc.)!!!! Your work will improve if you clear your chakras before your sessions! Your sessions will improve with more clarity and improve overall. TRY IT!


What time of day is best to do it? That depends on you. My preference is before bed. I do the major guided meditation before falling asleep in and heading off to my spirit guide and love ones in la la land. I don’t know where I’m going to be – and if my guides take me to the Akashic Library or in Atlantis (yes, I’ve been to both places in my dreams) I want to be spick and span clean. Not only does it prepare you for your nightly soul journey, it clears out all the junk from the day. Again, why hold on to the baggage that is not yours?


And one more thing – it doesn’t have to be elaborate.  More often you do the meditations, the quicker the process will become. You’ll won’t have to do a guided meditation but run through the chakras in your mind’s eye or in your thoughts… It will get better and better over time. Promise.


Want some ideas to start with? Here are some of my favorite guided chakra meditations:


  • John Holland has a cd in his book called Psychic Navigator. I use this cd every night before sleep. AMAZING. 




Enjoy your guided chakra meditations!


Love + Light,













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