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I knew I had a new guide, but I didn’t know who it was…I just kept receiving hints. 


Two weeks ago, I had the urge to paint my nails gold. sparkles. I never paint my nails and was quite surprised, but went with it.


Fast forward a week and I was playing a clairvoyance game in the Chakra Transformation Group where I posted a picture of a star. I’m not sure what prompted me to write a star, but I went with it – then I got on Instagram and my friend posted a picture and there it was … the word, “STAR.”


Earlier this month, I was in meditation and saw a beautiful man. (I’m saying that modestly) but I couldn’t identify which realm this person was in. I asked if he was a fairy but no…. he didn’t look like an angel either. I was having a hard time understanding… He had on this headpiece that kind of looked like something in the mythical age. I left it alone but held onto his image. (Honestly, I couldn’t forget it – he is handsome folks!)


I was speaking with a friend and she mentioned Archangel Orion. “Who?” I never heard of him…but a quick google check and YES that’s exactly who I saw! 


You see, Archangel Orion (is a fairly new Archangel) and overseas the BIGGER picture … like what the Universe and stars hold in store for us.


I have been asking or direction for quite sometime. I love my business, my job, but there are so many avenues, it’s hard for me to determine which one to go down. 


archangel orion


My interactions with Archangel “O” as I call him … have been more than interesting. He comes to me very playful and almost like a “peter pan” fly from star to star. (Which is why I wanted to paint my fingers gold – the stars!)


I said, “You know, I really don’t understand – you guys (meaning the angels) give me so many ideas of what to do and I do them and I still don’t have direction!” 


He responded with, “Yes, we give you guidance… but we want you to write it down, not put it all into action. Save them in your notes.”


Grrr. What a slap in the face that was. 


He asked me for my dreams and inspirations – but not just my dreams, WHY I want the things I do. How is it going to fit into the bigger picture of things. He said (and not in these words) that my dreams have been small and coming from a vibration that wasn’t high. (This is true, sometimes even I have to remember to hand it over and know the universe has me covered.) We had some income changes and I was thinking of the month – the now, the moment …. He wanted to show me the possibility of my future to come.


And as AA O and I chatted away on the life lessons and chapters that I’m turning in my life…I was asked to narrow down what I offer as right now is not in line with divine timing.  That I’m losing sight with so many things. 


I did a reading and everything confirmed out – yup, must narrow down.


I don’t know if you noticed, but there has been a big change in the air to slow things down.

I was attending a birthday bash and sitting in construction traffic for 45 minutes (and let me say, there were NO workers all through this, not even a construction truck! Just cones for miles to block us off!) and when there finally was an opening – everyone kicked up the speed.

I was going 80 (speed limit 70) and a big truck was in front of me that I couldn’t see over. He slammed on his breaks and moved over a lane quickly. I was behind – and had to slam on my breaks before I hit a lady who was stopped in the left lane, blinker on going to turn into the median for a U-TURN. Unbelievable. I was in fear that I was going to slam into her and lost control slammed on my own breaks – and driving off into the median and back on the road. Basically, I lost control. 

Although I was clearly shaken up (I had the kids too) the message was loud and clear, SLOW DOWN. (But honestly, who STOPS in the left land of a highway? grrr.)


The next day, I’m driving in our town around 40 mph and a car STOPS at a GREEN light – I kept honking for her to move because I was going to get hit if I slowed down…. wth. 

You see, it’s not them – (although I would like to think it is) but there is always a message and it’s to SLOW down.


Archangel O has been teaching me the same thing – SLOW DOWN, enjoy the moment and define the things I want to create and WHY I want to create them.

If you find yourself in the hustle and bustle of life moving at a fast past, call upon Archangel Orion and have him show you the bigger picture – what really needs to get done during this time and what you should be focusing on. 


Archangel Orion even showed up in my career reading.

See the photo at the bottom with the girl? XVII – it’s called THE STAR. How about those connections? 

All my best. With love and light,




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5 thoughts on “Working with Archangel Orion

  • Donna Frasca

    What’s great about the world of Angels is that yes we do get signs from them all the time but often, we don’t see them. When that happens, they continue to show signs until we finally get it. These signs can be a song on the radio, a word we hear on TV that rings a bell or from a friend coming with with another perspective that helped you connect the dots. Glad I could help! He’s a great Angel to have around <3

  • Donna Harris

    I absolutely LOVE your story! I can so relate to it…I stand outside every single morning and talk to the universe…thanking it for my rest, all of my blessings, etc. I do that all day long…But we live in the Cascade foothills these days, so going to town is only a couple of times a week. I treasure where we live…thank you for sharing your journey…<3

  • April Silbaugh

    I had a Qhht (quantum healing hypnosis session) a while back. While under hypnosis I saw my guardian angel and said his name was Orion. He pointed to the stars to reassure me that yes that was his name. I always questioned myself and thought I just made up the name and couldn’t find any more info on him. I liked reading your story about him and yes, I agree he is handsome.

    • holisticfoodie Post author

      Hi April! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It’s nice to know Archangel Orion has shown his face to others as well! <3 Love and Light!

  • Mara

    What a beautiful tarot deck! What is it called if I may ask? <3 Btw I tried connecting in meditation after reading your post, thank you so much for inspiring me to do that! Got some wonderful insight xxx