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This week started the Online Chakra Transformation: Crown Chakra: Connect with Spirit.


We are connecting in with our Spirit Team and really embracing them this week. It’s only the second day and I’m noticing a theme… Participants are experiencing the same thing:


“Thank you so much. As I began watching the video, I got a little teary-eyed. I was actually participating in my own spiritual growth. In that moment, I felt very grateful for you, my Team and to myself.💗 Thank you for being you!” S. Hughes 



“I was getting ready to write archangel micheal when all of a sudden, I had a vision of me saying kinda asking if it was ok if I had more time with archangel micheal instead of moving on to the next guide and of course you said,” if you have that feeling then you should.” It was like I was there and it was happening for real. Almost like an Astro projected into the future or something. Wow! What an amazing spiritual experience. Afterwards I felt warm and fuzzy all most displaced and tears of joy ran down my face. I asked for a sign. I think that was a major one.” – B.  Blechinger 

It is quite normal to experience  a rush of emotion when connecting in with Spirit. When I was little and attended church, I can recall people with their hands in the air and tears streaming down their face while they were singing. I thought it was odd and didn’t understand until my adult years.

One day I was in the shower in my meditative state, talking with God. I asked for this that and the other. I wanted to be healed. I wanted to release whatever emotional vibration I was holding onto and free not only my mind but my body from holding onto this frequency.

Next thing I know, I was bawling my eyes out. I could have collapsed on the floor as this emotion went through me but somehow I managed to stand. Quite honestly, I never felt so free and so well, released. 

So what is this crying all about? 

Tears of Joy – Tears of Connecting – Tears of Releasing – Tears of Love – Tears of Knowing – Tears of Being – All rolled into one. 

Do you have to cry to know you are connected in with Spirit? Absolutely not. But do know it is possible that it will come out like that and thats okay! To experience crying (and in my case releasing) is very profound. I like when I enter that space with God. But I don’t hit that space all the time and thats okay too.  Be where you are. 

And if you do experience the niagara falls streaming down your face, its all good. What a gift to be hold! 

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3 thoughts on “Why do I cry when I’m with Spirit?

  • Nicole

    My dad has been gone for 7 years i conneted with him Tonight it was great How i Just felt him there i Just started talking an cryin as if he was holding me i Just kept telling him how much I love him and miss him. Them i calmed down. The universe loves us all

    • holisticfoodie Post author

      Yes, it sure does. I’m happy you were able to connect with your father. They may be gone in physical, but they are surely still by our sides! Thank you for sharing, Nicole and many blessings!