How to Heal the Healer: 3 Key Points You Must Know

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Healers are amazing people as they set the intention to create space for their client to heal or evolve in some way but sometimes when we set the intention for others, we can forget about our own self healing.


I remember when I first started out offering healing sessions professionally. I would take on five to six sessions back to back. One after another I would see a client and connect in with Spirit and hold space. Well, I became exhausted by the end of the day and would crawl into bed at 5pm! 


This is when I realized that as a healer, I must heal myself too. 



There are THREE key points to know about being a healer:


1. You are most likely a natural empath. This means you take on other peoples energies and its easy to understand where your client is coming from, but remember, you don’t want to get sucked in! You are creating sacred space for them to speak and release. This doesn’t mean their story is your own. If you have a hard time disconnecting, try meditating on what belief you have attached to their story. It could even be a belief that you feel you HAVE to take on others burdens in order to heal – you don’t!


2Detach energetically after each session. Some healers detach from simply asking Archangel Michael to protect them during a session. This helps from having anything get into your energetic field. I like to call upon Archangel Zadkiel and St. Germaine and ask to transmute any lower vibrations that came out of the client and transmute that energy into love and light. I also have a big clear quartz crystal to absorb lower vibrations. In addition, I wash my hands. Sounds simple, eh? A quick visualization of washing any lingering energy attached to my hands. 


3. Self – Care. I can’t stress this one enough. I practice what I preach. When a client comes to see me, I roll off whatever Spirit has to say for them. This is usually a self-care practice in some way. It can be working on self-esteem, releasing old wounds, eating healthier, learning new healing modalities, etc. How lovely would it be to have the same treatment from spirit? Well, I do. In fact, I try my best to work on myself each and every day by continuing the practice. This means I meditate, learn, experience and work diligently on my inner self. 


I practice Crystal Reiki, pull a card for myself each and every day, drink my own elixirs, meditate, talk to my crystals …and try my best to journal when I get stuck. Basically,  I continue on my work when a client is with me or not! 


Sometimes being a healer can take a toll on you if you aren’t aware of your own self-growth. Its important to continue the inner work. Remember to give yourself space to connect in and communicate with Spirit too. This is how you heal the healer, you! 


You are your best client. You deserve the best care – what kind of self-care treatments can you give yourself?


Sacred baths, journaling, making healthy eating choices, physically working out, speaking your truth, working on a chakra, meditating….these are all ways of taking care of the healer. Please always remember you! <3 


Continue your growth even after the client leaves. You will be pleasantly surprised at how wonderful your sessions are when you take care of the healer too! 






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