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There is something really beautiful and magical when creating your own vibrational energy concoctions. 


When I first stepped into the crystal world, I wasn’t sure my impression of vibrational healing. After five years of working with crystals, I have dived so deeply into using the Earth’s gifts and connecting in with Spirit, that it seems natural to me. 


And although its unusual to find a cabinet full of crystal elixirs in most homes, it flows with ease for me. This is my true medicine cabinet of mystery. 


You can create many different things with your crystal elixirs, depending upon what you want to co-create or experience in life. Here are a list of ideas to use with your gemstone tonic:


  • Healing Remedies: Physically, Mentally and Spiritually 
  • Placed in water for cooking or even baking 
  • Place in your dogs water for healing
  • Put in your bath
  • Place on chakras 
  • Use in beauty products 
  • Combine with essential oils for sprays
  • Can be used to correct healing in-between energy sessions 


The most important thing is to know safety and how to proceed with creating them.


One of my favorite recipes is an Overall Wellness Recipe which includes amethyst, rose quartz and clear quartz


Some advice on creating elixirs:


Before creating an elixir, I run through questions to identify my focus on the problem and make sure its not the symptoms. For example, if you had trauma from a car accident and your body started carrying a physical sign such as sinus problems, I would create an elixir for healing the body from the trauma and not a sinus elixir. 


Also make sure you are using safe stones and/or identify the method of creating your elixirs 


Finally, invite Source to help assist with your co-creation and have fun!


As mentioned above, there are lots of ways to incorporate crystal elixirs into your life. Unlock the key to your own healing and enjoy!


If you have questions or want to learn recipes, Join us for a LIVE Gem Water Workshop August 19th, 2017. 


Can’t make it, no worries. It’s recorded!


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