Finding Forgiveness Within

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We are all human, which also comes with the acceptance that we are not perfect beings. We make mistakes. We screw up from time to time. We may choose to do an action not in alignment with our Higher Self. We may hurt someones feelings, say or do a lower vibration of action – sometimes we react instead of taking a second to think it through….


But what is important to remember is that we can CHOOSE to always evolve to our Higher Self. If you choose to make a change, pick a different path, you will receive different results. And finding forgiveness within yourself and others will help you release the baggage that your body and mind are holding onto.


Sometimes forgiveness entails working on boundaries. Meaning, someone crossed our boundaries or we even crossed our owns and therefore we did something that we may regret. Healthy boundaries can bring us closer to who we are by taking down and clearing away beliefs and patterns that no longer serve us. 


Steps to Forgiveness


Identify what your morals are. This could be honoring your feelings, speaking your truth, honesty, being a good parent etc. Bring our your journal and write down what your morals are how you can incorporate them into the incident


Connect to Spirit and talk. Sometimes we just need to speak to our God/Source or even our Higher Self. When doing so, we may get insights to the situation that we were not aware about. Ask questions like, “How can I improve this situation?” “What was my role in this incident,” “How can I move forward?” Take responsibility for your actions.


Say an affirmation such as: For the ways I have let myself down through action or lack of, I now give to myself complete love and forgiveness. I forgive myself. I forgive myself. I forgive myself completely.


 If you don’t believe the shift yet, write in your journal whatever comes to mind. Then repeat the affirmation. Keep doing this until everything has been released.



Finally, use the POSITIVE Energy Symbol (learned in Crystal Reiki level 3) and place it into a rose quartz crystal. Hold and meditate on the symbol for a few minutes. Focus on your breath and your heart energy. Visualize yourself or the situation and sending love to it. You can also send it the Positive Energy Symbol and the Centering Symbol. Meditate in the new energy and release shift you empowered yourself with. 


Live in the present and not in the past. In doing so, you are giving your power to things that you can’t change. Observe yourself and when you find yourself going back to that action, breathe and observe. What is causing the emotion behind this thought. Write and see what comes to the surface for you to embrace and change. 


much love and light,






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