Healing Relationships with #CrystalReiki

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Have you ever wished you went back in time and could heal a relationship? What if that relationship is with your inner child or perhaps a person who held a close relationship to you.


Have you ever thought, “Wish I knew back then what I knew now?” Well I do. I wish I could go back and tell my little Chakra Diva (insert smirk) a lot of things. I wish I could tell her how loved she was, how her smile and inner light was contagious and that she didn’t have to hold the world up. That she could be her and that was good enough…. There’s many things I would do. Probably give her a hug would be the first.


As I work on healing my little girl, I also opened up to healing relationships that need mending. And even though, some relationships have passed to the other side, its never too late to heal. Its never too late to say anything to the Spirit world, after all, they are never far.  Deceased loved ones still hear us. I know this for sure. I have witnessed being in thought about my father and then my son, who never really knew him, mentioned his name seconds later. 


When I am in sorrow and grief, a song will come on that is specific to my dad….he’s still here. I know it all around me. 


I use crystal reiki (which is not traditional reiki) to send healing to my inner child and to any relationship. This has helped heal me and these relationships in many ways.


First of all, it has helped me with closure to things where I had loose ends. For example, the lack of self-love I had for myself as a child. My growing pains have been sent healing of love and light and I feel a shift within my adult self that is almost unexplainable. I feel more whole and complete than where I began.


Secondly, sending healing to previous relationships has not only helped me but other people as well. I call in their Higher Self and ask for healing to be sent, mend relationships, send love and create a patch to what wasn’t flowing.  I speak with Archangel Raphael and Jesus and experience the utmost beautiful colors and shades of high vibrational energy being sent to the person.


I see us together reconnecting a mangled energy cord, one that used to be damaged is now rejuvenated, mended and healed. Its powerful on many subtle body levels. Mentally, spiritually and emotionally I am lifted as I know they are too.



Start by placing the person (you or relationship involved) in the Star of David crystal grid as learned in Crystal Reiki Level 1. Place a photo of the person or yourself in the middle to send healing directly to their spirit. 


In crystal reiki level 2, you are attuned to the Spiritual Energies symbol to tap into your Higher Self. I use this symbol to be aligned with my Higher Self and request the other persons’ Higher Self. This way I am speaking directly without ego interfering. 


I then incorporate the Seven-Pointed Star symbol and heal on all levels. Incorporating these two symbols are the start of the healing process. 


After this, add in any extra symbols that are necessary to send positive love and light healing energy to the situation or person. Be sure to use any crystal reiki symbols that you are attuned to that apply to you and/or the situation. 


Leave the grid up as long as you feel necessary. When you find peace within yourself or the situation, you know that you are ready to take it down. 


If you would like to be attuned to Crystal Reiki, click here for dates. 


In love and light,

The Chakra Diva 

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